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I consider there is these following steps involved for such a program.

I will keep this as a documentation as well as a progress report to keep track of the project.

  1. Reading all the required information
    1. Reading SSID in MAC
      • Using Airport Shell command
      • Here is how it should look: [viraldownloader id=180]
    2. Reading SSID in Linux (Ubuntu), Windows
      • identify shell command for linux/Ubuntu
      • identify shell command for windows
  2. Parsing them in JSON format
    1. Parsing information into required information into prescribed format
  3. CURL and Get the Location information in JSON
  4. Parse it and display on google
  5. Building a GUI

Here is the gitHub repository for the project that I am working on.

Feel free to contribute/contact it is interesting for you aswin[at]

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