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Put down a few lines of code that will complete the psycoPy requirements

  • The following line of code imports the psychoPy libraries to enable you to use the APIs. This should be on the top with all the other imports.
from psychopy import visual, core, event, monitors #to be used in the start of your file
  • Here you specify which monitor specification you are going to use for your experiment. It helps when you are using two different monitors for the test setup and the actual experiment setup.
mon = monitors.Monitor('myMonitor') #you are selecting the monitor created in the psychopy monitor centre
  • Window is the place where you draw your stimulus. It is necessary you specify this with all the initial conditions.  Can be always edited during the experiment by the set command specified in the API reference manual.

window = visual.Window(size=mon.getSizePix(), color=(1,1,1), colorSpace='rgb', fullscr=True, monitor=mon, units='cm') # to create the interactive window where you stimuli will be drawn

Happy coding with psychoPy and learn more about the brain!

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