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Flying to Dubai from Düsseldorf: Travelogging

It is a great evening! Clean home, great food, soo much love from friends. Most of all the messages coming in hot with a lot of good will. So confident about the next 10 days of air travel and spotlight events. It already started out the previous night with my sponsor saying that they are also provide to have me with them.

Thanks to Laura and my awesome twins didn’t feel weird about the airport lone time! Thinking about it while sitting alone writing this was nice.

Even though it was a shock at the “Kasse ” cash counter on the monumental total sum; Got some gifts for people who struck my mind. Understandable I guess, making a balance between money and people! It’s more like getting a cozy place in their memory.


There are contradictory announcements at the airport saying no announcements about the departures and boom the flight number EK 00 58 is departing at 20:45 at gate C45!!!

At 20:38 a call from United Arab Emirates (UAE)
How cool is it for you when your friends say they love you?


Javier who is a Colombian but studies in Germany goes to Dubai a day before. He just called me from UAE to say that he will be waiting for me at the Airport terminal 3 at 07:00 to pick me up. This is how our conversation goes:
JC: hallo liebe
Akrv: how expensive is it to call me?
JC: anything for you
Akrv: Dankeschön
JC: I will be waiting for you at the airport
Akrv: terminal 3?
JC: yes, see you there! bye.
What do you expect it’s a 0:39 duration. But that’s lots of absolute bro love!!!

That just gives an outweighing balance for the previous argument of good people vs money!!! Just feeling lucky on how life just unfolds on you. It hits you hard with all the love it has got. This is the instant were you just realize anything for those kind of people. I have got way too many and I m hoping to meet them all by end of this trip.

So it is time to board and I guess it’s gonna be a great flight! All is hope right?


Glamourous Düsseldorf Airport which never cares for day or night just ushers in all those humongous aircrafts! Oh talking about that look that humongous Air Boeing (??? ) owned and operated by Emirates airlines. Yup that is the human contraption that I m going to board in a few.


I absolutely do not get this fact of how they (airport maintenance!) manage to maintain this deep but mild odour at the gates even though there are so many people walking all the time using it through out the day. Kudos to Düsseldorf Flughafen for that. Moving in a narrow line to board the aircraft while excitement builds in your gut with all kinds of expectations and left behind affections. Will be back soon but will the climate be same! As a aborigin of a tropical country will I miss a snow ❄ glad winter. Looking forward for what lies next.


Welcome aboard and Good night!


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