Parallel universe: Perceptions from an immigrant

On a metro train travelling to SHARAF DG station, . It has been an intense “yesterday” seeing death, life and the decisions you make when there is a soul trying to escape this world to travel onto another.
In a different country travelling from a different country always trying to relate the whole world and its existence to the people you love. People you love being the ones you meet, the people who got you here, the ones you are born with, the ones you want to die with. This whole existence is an art and is always interpreted upon different phases that we go through as a good and bad. The balance of thoughts or the non neutrality of the mind makes every art an interpretation to experience in life.
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Flying to Dubai from Düsseldorf: Travelogging

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It is a great evening! Clean home, great food, soo much love from friends. Most of all the messages coming in hot with a lot of good will. So confident about the next 10 days of air travel and spotlight events. It already started out the previous night with my sponsor saying that they are also provide to have me with them.

Thanks to Laura and my awesome twins didn’t feel weird about the airport lone time! Thinking about it while sitting alone writing this was nice.Read More »Flying to Dubai from Düsseldorf: Travelogging