All about Google WiFi Positioning System

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Lets see how the information looks like and how I can get the information for localisation from Google.

The localisation information is quite straight forward. Its Google, of course their documentation is well documented. It is of JSON formatting and the sample WPS file should look like: [wpdm_file id=1 title=”true” desc=”true”]

Request body

The request body must be formatted as JSON. The following fields are supported, and all fields are optional:

  1. homeMobileCountryCode: The mobile country code (MCC) for the device’s home network.
  2. homeMobileNetworkCode: The mobile network code (MNC) for the device’s home network.
  3. radioType: The mobile radio type. Supported values are gsm, cdma, and wcdma. While this field is optional, it should be included if a value is available, for more accurate results.
  4. carrier: The carrier name.
  5. cellTowers: An array of cell tower objects. See the Cell Tower Objects section below.
  6. wifiAccessPoints: An array of WiFi access point objects. See the WiFi Access Point Objects section below.

How to do localisation using Google WPS?

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