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I started good with a 512GB HDD and a Dell Studio with a 512GB HDD in 2009.
I was never out of space until 2013 when I bought my new MacBook Air with 256GD HDD. I would describe it as a glorious decision but totally not happy with the 46GB free space!
Since then I m trying to find out a best way to create more storage space and I am going away from the idea of using a physical device since I like to go mobile and light. I want it to be accessible all the time i.e. even without carrying my storage device.

So i turned my backup hard drive into a time machine backup device after splitting the partition. Just being extra careful with the highly reliable MacBook.

Now I turned to cloud storage. I wish I had backed them in Kickstarter with 69$ now I don’t have to pay 169$ for the awesome device that could make your own cloud storage with plug-n-play. Just hoping to find one somewhere for the same backing price. Lima: Brain for your devices.

Lima: Brain for your devices

Lima: Brain for your devices

The next one I started surfing that equals the retail price of Lima and does more. Is it really necessary? All those extra features or just some extra backup space?


Which one do your vote for to buy and test it!

Answer in comments to make decision.

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