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Testing Contiki-os with the first program using CC2530 / CC2531

This is not going to take too long for you to test your first Contiki program which will enable you to test your environment setup and also to understand the procedure of development using Contiki-os for the target chips CC2530 and CC2531.

The port is done only for CC2530 and then it is extended to CC2531 so you just have to add another line to your build file so it compiles for the right target. Almost all the features of the chip are available using contiki. The following link for the feature matrix is from the official wiki [17.10.2014]

List of Hardware Features
Texas Instruments cc2530 DK Sensinode
cc2530EMs on SmartRF05EB cc2531 USB Dongle N740 NanoSensor N601 USB NanoRouter
SoC cc2530F256 cc2531F256 RC230x (cc243xF128)
SoC Features
MCU Enhanced Intel 8051 core, using the standard 8051 instruction set.
RAM 8 KB with data retention in all power modes 8 KB (4 KB data retention in all power modes)
Flash 256 KB 128 KB
RF 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver, based on the cc2420 radio core
Sensors VDD, On-Chip Temperature
Other cc2431 Location Engine1
Hardware AES Encryption/Decryption (AES Co-Processor)4
Hardware Random Number Generator
LEDs 42 2 2 2
Buttons 12, 3 2 2 0
I/O Connectors RS232 (UART0) USB MiniUSB (to UART1 over FTDI or to program) USB (to UART1 over FTDI or to program)
USB (to program) Debug Connector 9-pin (to program) Debug Connector
Serial Flash 256 KB OnBoard SPI Flash4 Numonyx Forté M25P16 (16 Mbit)
Other LCD4 Hardware USB Support Freescale Semiconductor ±3g, ±11g Three Axis Accelerometer
Joystick4 Vishay Semiconductors Ambient Light Sensor
Battery Voltage Sensor
  1. Only on devices with the RC2301 (cc2431F128)
  2. LED 4 is mapped to the same port/pin as B1. The current implementation configures the pin as input and supports the button.
  3. The board has two buttons but only B1 is connected to the SoC
  4. Driver not implemented

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