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Your computer (wComputer) is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you want to connect another computer into Wi-Fi network to share the internet connection but this computer (lComputer) doesn’t have a Wi-Fi adapter.

What it has is an Ethernet port and therefore, the wComputer with the Wi-Fi connection can share that network over its Ethernet port to the lComputer.

I am using Ubuntu on the wComputer and windows on the lComputer.

  • Type nm-connection-editor in your terminal.
  • Add a shared network connection by pressing the Add button.
  • Choose Ethernet from the list and press Create.
create a new ethernet connection
  • Click IPv4 Settings in the left.
  • Choose Shared to other computers by clicking the Method drop-down menu.
  • Enter a new name like wifishare as the Connection name at the top
rename it to wifishare (optional) and select share to other computers in IPv4

now, I connected the lComputer with the wComputer using a cable and rebooted the wComputer, i think restarting the networking service should also do the magic.

lComputer will get a IPv4 address from the wComputer, which is probably the default on Ubuntu.


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