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DIY: Bluetooth receiver for your speakers #BreakItMakeIt

Take a step back, to obeserve!
when you see something that isn’t working
you take it, break it, make it and bring it to the next level

Thats how this project spanned out! making a bluetooth receiver from a fully functional but a physically broken Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headset.

Initial steps were to open the bluetooth headset and see the construction. Pretty amazed!
Well thought out design I would say, but the product had a lot of problems regarding power. (It is going to be a challenge to charge it because the charger plug is unavailable and microUSB was not in practice when it was sold.)

Next steps would be shorten the wire, change the charging port to mini usb and test the working.
Today I will be testing if the strip down setup.

The wires are made shorter and soldered together. It looks in good shape. It’s charging. Next step would be solder the 3.5mm jack for speaker input instead of the wires for LR speaker.

Soldering the 3.5mm jack in different configurations to get the better outputĀ to the 2.1 speakers. Everything works great as far as the normal operation of the headset is concerned. Yay for that! but the output has too much noise and the levels are low that when the volume is increased in the player, headset and the 2.1 sound system, the noise is also amplified.

End of one DIY #BreakItMakeIt project.

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